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Law Office of Steven Berniker

The law office of Steven H. Berniker APC provides  "Divorce and Family Law" and "Social Security Disability Law" services which they have been practicing in the State of California since 1990.  If you're in need of affordable legal advice, this office is able to assist you in divorce, family and child custody matters, and social security matters.    Steven H. Berniker has a passion and ability for getting you the outcome you desire and deserve.  If you would like a free legal consultation from a skilled divorce/family lawyer, or Sacramento social securtiy attorney; call! (916) 480-9200. (There is no Social Security fee unless you win!) Spanish speaking services available.

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We have moved to a new law office. Pictures will be up soon! We're now located behind the Social Security Office on Arden Way.

Family Lawyer Steven Berniker Law Office

Who We Are

Success born of experience: The Law office of Steven Berniker is dedicated to helping families go through family legal process with a problem-solving attitude.  Steven and his staff are cooperative and respectful to the other side of the case in order to help smooth the process as much as possible.  Your life may already be facing turmoil, and the offices of Steven Berniker believe that a competent and caring attorney can assist you best by working together with you to focus on what you need and want from the entire process of your case.  If you're in need of a Sacramento divorce attorney, a child custody attorney, or any type of family lawyer in Sacramento, give the law offices of Steven H. Berniker APC a call for a free legal consultation before making a decision to go anywhere else.   


Call Steven for a free 30 min. legal consultation.  If you searched for, "Sacramento family attorney, or Sacramento divorce attorney" then it's a good thing you have come across this page; you're in the right place.  Steven Berniker and his staff are passionate and knowledgable  Sacramento family attorney who can help you with an affordable legal service. 



Steven Berniker, Attorney Sacramento Family Lawyer

Who is Steven Berniker?

Steven H. Berniker attended the University of California, Berkeley, double majoring in both ancient world history and legal studies.  He was awarded his Bachelors of Arts degree in 1986. 


Soon after graduation, Steven attended Hasting College of Law and in 1990 received his Bar Certification to practice law in the State of California.  Involved in a number of volunteer opportunities, Mr. Berniker has been firmly placed in the public eye.  He has served on the Board of Directors of the Rebis Institute, which is a non-profit organization for the assistance of disabled adults entering the work force.  He as volunteered as an attorney with the Disablility Rights Defense Fund (DREDF), as well as the Community Alliance for Special Education (CASE), groups focusing primarliy on the delivery of special education services to children within the public school system.  Both School districts and the organization Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) have requested that he appear as an education speaker. 


After you call for your free legal consultation and meet Steven Berniker and his knowledgable staff you will immediatley understand and appreciate the level of experience they have.  


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About our Legal Practice

Steven Berniker Legal Services Law Office of Steven Berniker

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The Berniker office is a family owned business which focuses on quality of service.



Divorce can be very difficult.  Finding a good Sacramento divorce attorney can also be difficult.  You and your family can greatly benefit from the knowledge and experience of a divorce attorney.  As a successful divorce and family law office, Steven and his staff will work with you to give you the best options you need during this chapter of your life.  They understand that this time could be one of the most difficult and traumatic times in your life and your family’s lives.  That is why they offer you the support, attention and consideration that you deserve.  Steven has dedicated  part of his practice  to supporting families.  If you have a case involving any of the following areas, he can offer you experienced legal advice, support and representation.  So for an experienced and passionate Sacramento divorce attorney, Sacramento Social Security Disability,  and a Sacramento family attorney; call today for your free legal consultation.  For more information on family law in Sacramento, click here. 


The Law offices of Steven H. Berniker also provide limited scope representation pursuant to Cal. Rul of Court 5.425 "Limited Scope Representation" is a relationship between an attorney and a person seeking legal services in which they have agreed that the scope of the legal services will be to specific tasks that the attorney will perform for the person.

An attorney who offers limited scope representation can provide affordable legal assistance by helping you with certain statges of your case, rather than handling your case from start to finish.  For example, you can hire the attorney to make a court appearance, or to assist in the preparation of specific documents for your case, or both.

To obtain limited scope representation call the office and make a consultation appointment to speak with an attorney.  The consultation is free.  


We offer document preparation for an array of documents, including but not limited to, divorce filings, petitions to establish paternal relations, child custody actions, child support actions, retaining orders, stipulated judgments, marital settlement agreements, preliminary and final declaration of disclosure.  Many individuals find this as an attractive financial alternative to the hiring of an attorney for all purposes.

If you hire an attorney to perfrom limited scope work, the attorney will be responsible only for that specific segment of work that you have agreed to.  The attorney will no be assuming responsibility for handling your case in it's entirety.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you fully understand what parts of your case the attorney will and will not be responsible for.  You can hire the attorney to provide legal and court coaching.  


Your case, if chosen, will considerably limit your contact with SSA; thus, relieving you of a lot of unnecessary stress. Moreover, you stay at home; while we do the work. We complete the application, obtain medical records, and we prepare and develop your case in the fashion most likely to lead to an award of social security benefits. If it becomes necessary for you to appear before an administrative law judge, we will thoroughly prepare you. We draft your theory of the case letter and if necessary draft your complete comprehensive pre-trial brief.  You can see why having a good Sacramento Social Security attorney is crucial.


This law office can also help with  Sacramento Social Security disability.  For affordable legal service, call Steven today!  For more information on Sacramento  Social Security, click here.

Juvenile Dependency

Juvenile Dependency Law protects children from abuse and neglect, if you have been accused of neglect or abuse. 


Have you been accused of neglect or abuse? Has a social worker from the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) or other child protective organizations tried to or have them removed your child from your home? You may need a juvenile dependency lawyer. Steven H. Berniker has (20) years of experience. He has represented parents in complex dependency litigation; including false allegations of sexual and physical abuse against a parent(s), in San Francisco, Sacramento, Sonoma, and Mendocino Counties. 

He also represents foster parent attempting to retain custody of children that have been placed in their care. Mr. Berniker can discuss adoption matters with you as they relate to specific situations that you may find yourself in, either seeking adoption or trying to prevent an adoption of your child.

Berrniker Law Offices also represent people who find themselves being put on Child Abuse Central list under false or wrongful accusations. Being listed  is a serious matter and could have grave consequences.  


Veterans Benefits Sacramento

Veterans Benefits Legal Services

Are you a Verteran and in need of Veterans benefits.  Danieal J. Morales can assist you.  

Mr. Morales is a highly decorated veteran and has received the following medals; The Order of Saint Maurice, Meritorious Service Medals, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Southwest Asian Medal, Korean Defense Medal and Army Commendation Medals are few that span a distinguished military career. Mr. Morales has served in 6 combat tours overseas ; Operation Iraqi Freedom III and Enduring Freedom, Operation Desert Shield/Storm, Operation Just Cause, Panama, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Europe, Ukraine and Peace keeping operations. Prior to his retirement he served as the J3 Sergeant Major for the California Military Department for Emergency Plans, Operations and Security Directorate. 


Mr. Morales continues his service with American GI Forum of California and other veteran organizations advocating for; education, policy and implementation and equal representation for Service Disabled Veterans. He is dedicated to empowering the next generation of veterans into the 21st Century.  He and Steven Berniker will be able to assist you in receiving the veterans benefits that you area entitled to.


Steven Berniker, will help you through your tough phase as he is an excellent Sacramento divorce and family attorney.  Well known for his legal advice, this Sacramento family lawyer will also be able to help you with any child custody battles that you may face.  If you need a great family attorney in Sacramento then look no further.  Call Steven Berniker for a free legal consultation; a great Sacramento legal service is just a step away.  


Do you want a great Sacramento Social Security attorney? Let Steven Berkiner help you.  He knows the way to get you the most money for your Social Security and you pay nothing unless you win.  Call today for your free legal consultation for help by either a Sacramento divorce attorney, child custody attorney, or a Sacramento social security disability representative.  You can also find a lot of self help materials here,


Family law in has never been more affordable and friendly. 

We stay current with California family law matters through ongoing continuing education and by maintaining memberships in professional legal organizations, including:State Bar of California, Sacramento County Bar Association


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